Golf Events


The first of its kind and only facility like it in the Eastern Cape, the deck shootout is a fun and exciting event for everyone. Standing on the deck of the Sardinia Bay Golf Club house, the front railing is lowered and participants hit off of a platform, approximately 120m, onto the 7th green in an effort to get closest to the pin or get a hole in one and win yourself a case of your favourite beer.
The deck shootout can be added on to any event. It’s great for team building, great as an extra fund raiser added onto your charity or club golf day, or simply have it as an event on its own and invite clients, staff or friends around, depending on the occasion, for a braai / finger snacks and a deck shootout under the cover of darkness and spot lights. You will even be able to see exactly what ball shape and distance you are hitting, using the opti-shot which is connected up to the TV for live viewing.

Thought about holding a golf day but get cold shivers at the thought of the organisational nightmare? Come join us at the Sardinia Bay Golf Club where our team of friendly and experienced staff will work with you every step of the way, to ensure your day, out of the office, amongst wildlife and nature at the tranquil setting of the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate, will be a memorable and pleasant experience to be remembered for years to come, keeping you coming back year after year.
A golf day is a great way to promote and advertise any business, few other events create such a great opportunity to draw away senior executives for more than an hour and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t rather be out on the golf course than stuck behind a board room table or desk.
It’s a great way to give back to existing clients, secure future loyalty, as well as generate new business by inviting potential clients to come along and enjoy in a fun filled, relaxed day. So for the price of one magazine advert, why not host a golf day with us where you can directly engage with your clients instead of hoping to get some sort of engagement through regular marketing.

Whether its raising funds for your end of year function, that new bar your clubhouse so desperately needs or donating back to your favourite charity, a golf day at the Sardinia Bay Golf Club is the perfect way to do it.  With our friendly safe and tranquil environment, the course will entertain everyone from the most challenged golfer to the PGA professional, allowing more people to get involved.
The Sardinia Bay Golf Club team will work with you every step of the way, offering advice and guidance to make sure your day is as profitable as possible and keep you coming back year after year.

Team building is a great way to improve productivity in any business, because sometimes even working with your best friend can become tedious at some point.
So de-stress that tension in the office and bring the team down to the Sardinia Bay Golf Club where we will customize a package to best suit your budget and cater for every level of golfer.


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